Creekside's Grooming Spaw Offers Full-Service Grooming Tuesday through Saturday!

We specialize in a
Gentle Touch Approach

All baths start with a special tearless face shampoo and only the highest quality products are used for your dog’s specific coat needs. Our premium, deep-penetrating coat conditioners hydrate, condition, moisturizes, and untangles while leaving the coat silky-smooth and oil-free. At Creekside, the natural luster of your best friend’s skin and coat is only a spaw day away.

What We Offer

Basic Spaw Bath

Every dog is first brushed and double bathed to naturally loosen extra hair with an invigorating massage, and then rinsed to squeaky clean perfection. Lustrous conditioners and detanglers help the blow drying process that results in the sleekest coat possible for the type of coat your dog has. This option includes eye stain treatment, ear cleaning, gland expression, nail trimming, and a tidy sanitary trim if necessary.

Premier Spaw Treatment & Haircut 

Adds a professional, breed-specific haircut to the Basic Spaw Bath. Our experienced groomer is a skilled technician with almost two decades of specialized clipper and scissor styling skills for all breeds…and it shows!


All listed prices are guidelines and may increase depending upon the length of coat, condition, matting, behavior of the pet, how much time is involved, and how many handlers it takes.

Dog Weight Basic Spaw Bath Premier Spaw
Bath & Haircut
Extra Small Up to 10 lbs.  $40 $60 & Up All cat baths start at $75 & include a brush out and ear cleaning. Additional charges may apply for de-matting, fleas, a shave.
Small 11-25 lbs. $50 $70 & Up
Medium 26-60 lbs. $60 $80 & Up
Large 61-100 lbs. $70 $90 & Up
Extra Large Over 100 lbs. $100 & Up $140 & Up

Service Add-Ons

The following “add-on services” estimates are in addition to our regular prices and charged at the rate of $1 per additional minute. 

  Extra Services: Approximation Cost
De-shedding:  +$25-$75
De-matting: (Severe matts will require a shave) +$25-$75
Shave down:      +$20-$60
Flea and Tick Removal:  +25-$50
Skunk Odor Removal: +25-$50
First In Line: For dogs who need to be finished early +20 extra


Ala Carte Services

Nails only $20
Eye stains  $5
Ear Cleaning  $10
Glands $10
Nail trim added to daycare/board $10

Why We Are Different

  • Daycare is available while your dog awaits their Spaw day.
  • Our trainers can assist with the elderly, overly fearful, or reactive dogs.
  • Our stylists are expert handlers for the largest, wiggliest, oldest, frail, or fearful pets. 
  • Cats are kept in a different building.

What to Expect from Creekside Pet Boarding’s Grooming Spaw

  • We initially evaluate each dog’s skin, coat, ears, nails, health, and behavior to properly plan the most comfortable procedure for your dog’s well-being. Owner’s input is always important to us. 
  • Our grooming session may take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending upon the dog’s behavior, size, coat condition, and style requested.
  • Drop-off dogs in the morning and clients will be notified when their pet is ready.
  • Every dog is lovingly hand-washed twice with the best shampoo and conditioner for your pet’s coat type and condition. No expense has been spared and careful research has gone into the products we use. All are pH-balanced and safe for puppies or grown dogs, and the luxurious scents are a bonus! 
  • “Our professional styling includes breed-specific haircuts and special requests are welcome”

What do I need to bring?

  • Proof of rabies vaccination can be emailed beforehand or uploaded online. No pets are allowed on the property without proof of vaccinations.
  • Your dog’s leash and collar or harness or an enclosed carrier. 
  • Soft, clean bedding is already provided.

Vaccination Details



  • Bordetella
  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Rabies

San Luis Obispo County veterinarians suggest adding Leptospirosis Vaccine and Canine Influenza Virus Vaccine (CIV) because of recent outbreaks in public places.


  • Rabies

Vaccinations should be given 5 to 10 days prior to boarding.


Please bring proof of current vaccinations or have your vet email it to us at:


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Oak Park Exit from the 101 Freeway North, Oak Park becomes Noyes Road.

Arroyo Grande is located on California’s Central Coast next to Pismo Beach in San Luis Obispo County. Serving the resort cities of San Luis Obispo, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, Oceano, Grover Beach, & Cambria.

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