The Benefits of Doggy Daycare


Doggy daycare is a dream come true for socializing dogs. Just ask those wagging tails! Fully vaccinated dogs as young as 4 months old should be exposed consistently to other dogs in a natural, off-leash way. If not, they can become anti-social, fearful, or develop other bad habits. If dogs don’t like other dogs it is typically because of human error in the dog’s early development. That can usually be remedied when dogs safely experience their natural cravings to have contact with other dogs. Dogs are born social, so let’s enjoy them that way!

Your Furniture Will Thank You

Doggy daycare is a valuable alternative to long days alone where boredom or separation anxiety can lead to some very naughty behaviors. A lack of activity for long periods easily leads to excessive barking, howling, chewing, and some you don’t even want to know about. No need to rush home to let the dog out when you allow them to play, play, play all day. We give you back a contented dog that will lovingly sit by your side on an intact sofa.


Providing a healthy energy outlet for dogs is not just ideal for socialization, it results in less fat related health problems and the obesity that leads to vet bills. Even a half hour run won’t scratch the surface of a high energy dog. Protect your dog’s overall health and mental well-being with the all-day play yards at Creekside Pet Boarding.

Just like children, dogs need meaningful socialization and attention, not isolation.

Creekside Tip:

If you want your dog to be social and safe throughout his life, you must provide consistent, positive social experience with other dogs and humans.

Daycare Rates

  1 Dog 2 Dogs
By the Day $30/day $45/day
5 Day Package $135
10 Day Package $260
20 Day Package


30 Day Package




*  RAIN DAYS: Covered yards are limited to those with urgent daycare needs on rainy days, call first for availability.


Call us to make a reservation:
(805) 481-7711

Vaccination Details



  • Bordetella
  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Rabies

San Luis Obispo County veterinarians suggest adding Leptospirosis Vaccine and Canine Influenza Virus Vaccine (CIV) because of recent outbreaks in public places.


  • Rabies

Vaccinations should be given 5 to 10 days prior to boarding.


Please bring proof of current vaccinations or have your vet email it to us at:


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